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Where can I find a list of Comet Assay IV publications?

If you visit our Comet Assay IV publications webpage, you will find a selected list of papers, categorised by year, containing Comet Assay IV references.

This is a great place to view who is using Comet Assay IV… and what research they are doing!

We are very proud that Comet Assay IV is being used by researchers and scientists across the globe publishing in a selection of high impact journals (e.g. Cancer Research, Mutagenesis, Nucleic Acids Research, Food & Chemical Toxicology and Toxicological Sciences, to name a few).

There is a broad selection of research topics included on the publications list!  We have seen Comet Assay IV being used in oxidative stress studies, diet-related investigations, immunotoxicity studies and even studies relating to the improvement and advancement of the comet assay method.

A quick look at the Comet Assay IV-featured publications will demonstrate Comet Assay IV’s global presence.  Publications from scientists in India, Spain, South Korea, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Brazil, Slovenia, Japan, the UK and the USA, are all listed. 

In addition, we know that a lot of our customers (such as contract research organisations, and pharmaceutical companies) are performing confidential genetox work.  These companies tend not to release publications highlighting their use of Comet Assay IV. 

We try to keep these webpages as up-to-date as possible; however some publications do manage to slip us by!  If you have a comet assay research paper which quotes Comet Assay IV, then please do contact us, and we will be happy to amend the publication list.