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Mutagenesis Special Issue: The Comet Assay

On January 1st 2015, the “Special Issue: The Comet Assay” of Mutagenesis was published. This edition was guest edited by comet assay expert Andrew Collins and features contributions from comet assay scientists from around the world.

“The contributions to this special issue of Mutagenesis have been selected to cover the main research areas served by the comet assay, namely genotoxicology, environmental toxicology, human biomonitoring and fundamental investigations into mechanisms of DNA damage and repair. Innovative methods are described, technical issues are explored, and guidelines are given for venturing into relatively new or unexploited areas of research. The popularity of the comet assay in a historical context is illustrated by a bibliometric survey.” – Andrew Collins

We recommend that if you are interested in the comet assay, you look at this excellent collection of commentaries, reviews and original manuscripts.

We are delighted to see that in many of the scientific investigations quote Comet Assay IV in their methods sections.

For full information, please visit the mutagenesis website.

If you have any question about using Comet Assay IV for your investigations and publications, please contact us.