Resveratrol & the Comet Assay

Investigation of an anti-cancer therapeutic

Comet Assay IV & JaCVAM study

publications used in international validation study

comet assay for DNA methylation


medium-throughput comet assay used to evaluate DNA methylation


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What is the comet assay?

The comet assay is also known as single-cell gel electrophoresis. This simple assay has many scientific applications

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Comet Assay IV

Comet Assay IV is the world's fastest, most consistent comet assay scoring system.

Learn about the features and characteristics of Comet Assay IV which make it the scoring system of choice...

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Comet assay news

The exciting field of research involving the comet assay is dynamic and constantly changing.

Here, we round up the latest comet assay developments and stories of interest.

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