supportEvery Perceptive Instruments system comes with a maintenance contract valid for a year. A maintenance contract not only provides ongoing cover for your system, but also provides you with unlimited access to an expert team of support personnel who will be happy to assist with installations and to offer advice on configuration and validation. Maintenance contracts can be renewed to ensure your system remains protected.

Your Support Package

  • Unlimited telephone, email and online support
    Direct from Perceptive Instruments’ expert support team
  • Extended warranty on all hardware
    With 24 hour response time to rectification of any failure
  • Ensure forward compatibility, fixes and improvements
    With access to all validated software updates
  • Validation advice and guidance
    Helping you achieve GLP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Online management and download area
    With access to all your system software and documentation
  • Unlimited additional training and system check-ups
    Via WebEx real-time desktop sharing application
  • Expedited software updates
    With updates for new versions of Windows, Oracle etc.
  • All updates comprehensively tested and validated
    In accordance with our ISO 9001:2008 registered Quality Management System

A responsive, personalised service from a centralised support team

After Sales Support

At Perceptive Instruments, we are continually focused on offering a service that is both friendly and responsive. All support is provided directly from our head office by the very people who design our systems. This ensures you get an unprecedented level of service from a team of experts continually working in your best interests. Utilising all tools at our disposal, we offer assistance via telephone, email and online communication as well as providing a comprehensive suite of web-based support tools.


Reduce total cost of ownership with warranties, updates and training

A Perceptive Instruments maintenance contract provides you with a guarantee on all system hardware, protecting you against the costs of repairing any part of the system should it fail. You will also be entitled to any new software updates for the system and we offer guaranteed revisions for future versions of Windows or Oracle to ensure your system remains compatible. Where we supersede your system with a new product, you will be entitled to preferential pricing should you wish to upgrade.

Whether an upgrade or a first-time installation, we ease your validation process by providing Installation Qualifications and project documentation as standard and are always on hand to offer assistance with system updates, validation and configuration.

Remote screen sharing tools help us support your system directly, allowing us to periodically inspect your system in line with GLP regulations and provide additional training to your staff whenever you need it.


Monitor your system online through your own dedicated customer support area

Online Customer Support

Our online customer support area lets you download all system software, updates and documentation as well as letting you know when your maintenance is coming up for renewal. The support area also offers a comprehensive Knowledge Base section where you can find the answers to frequently asked questions in an instant.


A quality of service beyond purchase from an ISO 9001 approved company

With over 70% of our sales made outside of the United Kingdom, Perceptive Instruments has a wealth of experience in supporting our products throughout the world. All of our products are developed, installed and serviced in accordance with policies and procedures of our Quality Management System as certified to ISO 9001:2008.

We recognise the importance that you place in the quality and efficiency of your own internal systems and as a result we continue to design and support our products in line with the international guidelines of GLP and FDA 21 CFR part 11.


It is, indeed, much quicker than the old image analysis system that we had. We are very pleased with it.

Senior Researcher, Public Health Agency, Finland

...we are "happy users" of the software

Senior Researcher, Risk Assessment Institute, Germany

Yes, it is very useful and we are in the process of writing a paper also from the data derived from Comet Assay IV.

Assistant Professor, University, USA

We have found the Comet Assay IV software very useful and convenient.

Research Scientist, Food Safety Agency, France

It is actually working great.

Professor, University, USA

Comet Assay IV software is in use. Currently our comet analysis is based on tail moment measurement and I must say that everything works properly.

Researcher, Cancer Research Institute, Slovakia

We have just recently utilized the system and are extremely pleased.

Assistant Professor, University, USA

We started using Comet Assay IV and it works well...

Researcher, Nuclear Agency, France

Perfect and very clear installation and training!

Researcher, Contract Testing Laboratory, Europe

It's an amazing program! Really useful!

Research Scientist, University, Brazil

...have been using it now for a couple of weeks and it seems to be working great. Very user friendly - I love it as does my intern!

Staff Chemist, Marine Laboratory, USA

Thanks for your attention and great service. I am so glad that we have Comet IV.

Study Director, Contract Research Organisation, USA

We have installed the software and are using it without any problem. It's really simple! My PhD students are very happy with it.

Professor, University, Spain

We are really very happy with the comet analysis system.

Research Scientist, University, Austria

The system is working great.

Senior Research Scientist, Cancer Research Institute, UK

The current Comet Assay IV system works without any trouble…we are pleased with the system.

Scientist, Chemical Company, Japan

So it's working out fine and we're very happy!

Toxicologist, Health Agency, Canada

Total change in our lab since you came (with Comet Assay IV of course...)! thanks... :-)

Postgraduate Researcher, University, France

I have been using the Comet Assay IV Software. It is great! During my software validation, I realized how much easier and precise it is compared to our old software. It makes analyzing the comet slides more enjoyable

Scientist, Medical Research Centre, USA

We have had no problems so far, and we are very pleased with the system.

Senior Researcher, Public Health Agency, Finland

The installation was quick and all the details were described and easily understandable for the technicians.

Head of Department, Global Chemical Company, Germany

I'm really a fan of your system :)

Genetic Toxicologist, Global Pharmaceutical Company

I love the software. Keep up the good work over there.

Study Director, Contract Research Organisation, USA

All is going well and the more I use the software the more I love the way it's so simple and intuitive...the comet software is running well and in increasing use.

Scientist, University, UK

Everything has gone very well with the system and we are very pleased with it.

Scientist, University, UK

The Comet Assay IV system we already installed and is working perfectly.

Scientist, Environmental Institute, Norway

We are very happy with everything, it is easy to work with your software.

Senior Scientist, National Health Institute, Portugal

Excellent, the training was very helpful and specific to in-house technicalities.

Lecturer, University, UK

I don't have any questions about the software as it has worked quite well for far we are very happy with the software.

Research Scientist, University, Australia

We're now using the software and it works great. It has cut our time for comets by at least half.

Post Doctoral Fellow, National Institute of Health, USA

So far, I'm very happy with the system.

Research Lecturer, University, UK

The system is up and running. Everybody is impressed with the speed of scoring slides.

Researcher, University, South Africa

Perfect and very clear installation and training.

Study Director, Contract Research Organisation, Europe

We are using the Comet Assay IV a lot (and our use is increasing). It's working very well.

Professor, Children's Research Hospital, USA

We are very satisfied with your software.

Scientist, Cancer Research Institute, Slovakia

The system was set up last month, and so far it works very well. Both my boss and I are very satisfied with it and like it very much.

Researcher, University Hospital, Germany

...and the system is running great.

Medical Researcher, Cancer Research Institute, USA

Just to let you know we have started the validation study for Comet Assay IV and it has been going very well! We ran a comet assay last week and scored the slides with no problems at all. I am very pleased with the system and it will certainly make a difference when we run some comet studies this year!

Study Director, Food & Household Products Company, UK

We are impressed indeed! It has saved us quite a lot of time and pains.

Director, Toxicology Research Centre, Spain

Everything has gone very well with the system and we are very pleased with it.

Professor, University, UK

...Everything is fine with the Comet Assay IV system...and I'm pretty happy about this new software with just clicking on the cells instead of drawing a frame around them

Researcher, Cancer Research Organisation, UK