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What can the Spread Sheet Generator do for you?

Comet Assay IV combines accurate, repeatable results with powerful data processing and comprehensive presentation. You can easily process results using the Spreadsheet Generator, which is included free with every Comet Assay IV system.

Florida International University's features news story on Comet Assay IV user

In December 2018, the Florida International University (FIU) News website featured an article entitled: Professor only U.S. representative participating in European Union DNA project.

A long history of collaboration and a strong future in the application of 3D models for genotoxicity assessment

A mini case study from the Department of Genetic Toxicology and Cancer Biology, National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

International Comet Assay Workshop 2019

Join Comet Assay IV users and other comet-assay-focussed scientists at The International Comet Assay Workshop (ICAW) 2019.

Royal Society of Chemistry report features comet assay

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) published an article about the Early Career Researcher meeting organized by the Analytical Biosciences Group.  The article, “From food fraud to forensics”, details information from the event.