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Privacy Policy

This website is administered and controlled solely by Perceptive Instruments. We will never disclose, give, sell, or transfer any personal information in any form to any third party entity. We want you to feel secure when visiting our site and are committed to maintaining your privacy when doing so. The following provides an overview of how we use and control any information submitted by you during your visit.


When you send us an E-mail, we will collect and store only your E-mail address and the content of the E-mail. We will use it only to respond to your request quickly and accurately. No information submitted to us via E-mail will ever be disclosed to any third party entity.

Web server activity logs

In order for us to create a more complete and targeted Web site, our servers collect and store information that Web browsers send when they request pages. The information listed below is collated in order to provide usage statistics that allow us to monitor & improve the way in which the site is used. None of this information can personally identify you, and is used only in its collated form to provide high-level statistics. Again, we will never distribute this information, or use it in any way other than described here.