Papers from 2018

Chemopreventive potential of in vitro fermented raw and roasted hazelnuts in LT97 colon adenoma cells
M Glei, S Fischer, J Lamberty, D Ludwig… - Anticancer Research, 2018
… After staining DNA with SYBR® Green (Sigma Aldrich, Munich, Germany) DNA damage was detected using a fluorescence microscope (ZEISS Axiostar plus; Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH) and image analysis system (Comet Assay IV, Perceptive Instruments, Suffolk, UK) …

Comprehensive evaluation of the flavonol anti-oxidants, alpha-glycosyl isoquercitrin and isoquercitrin, for genotoxic potential
CA Hobbs, M Koyanagi, C Swartz, J Davis, S Kasamoto… - Food and Chemical Toxicology …, 2018
… slides with SYBR Gold™ (Molecular Probes, Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA), 150 cells were scored per sample at 200× total magnification without scorers' knowledge of animal identity using Comet Assay IV Imaging Software, Version 4.3.1 (Perceptive Instruments, Ltd., Suffolk, UK) …

Persistent Organochlorine Pollutants in Placentas Sampled from Women in Croatia and an Evaluation of Their DNA Damaging Potential In Vitro
D Želježic, SH Romanic, D Klincic, MM Saric, JG Letinic - Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 2018
… Neutralisation of slides was done by redistilled water, and they were stained with ethidium bro- mide (20 µg mL-1). The analysis of primary DNA damage was performed using Comet Assay IV system (Perceptive Instruments Ltd., Suffolk, Halstead, UK) connected to a …

Effect of Slide Positioning in Electrophoresis Chamber over Comet Assay Results,
M Roy, A Hamel, R Cardoso, 2018
… using a fluorescence microscope. The computerized image analysis Comet Assay IV from Perceptive Instruments was used for the analysis. 75 cells (lung) or 150 cells (duodenum) per slide were analyzed. The median % tail …

Investigation of IN vitro genotoxic effects of an anti-diabetic drug sitagliptin
D Yuzbasioglu, C Enguzel-Alperen, F Unal - Food and Chemical Toxicology, 2018
… were examined at 400 × magnification using the fluorescence microscope (Olympus, Center Valley, PA, USA) equipped with an excitation filter of 546 nm and a barrier filter of 590 nm and specialized Image Analysis System (“Comet Assay IV”, Perceptive Instruments Ltd., UK) …

Crucial role of chelatable iron in silver nanoparticles induced DNA damage and cytotoxicity
A Grzelak, M Wojewódzka, S Meczynska-Wielgosz… - Redox Biology, 2018
… above. Image analysis of the data was performed with the Comet Assay IV Image Analysis System (Perceptive Instruments, UK). Fifty randomly selected comets per slide were analysed, two slides per experimental point. The …

The PARP inhibitor AZD2461 is differentiated from olaparib for both PARP3 activity and drug resistance
LO O'Connor, SL Rulten, AN Cranston, R Odedra…, 2018
… assay as described (31). Comet tail moments were scored from 100 cells per experiment using Comet Assay IV (Perceptive Instruments). Two-way analysis of variance was carried out on the mean values for each time point from replicate experiments. Immunofluorescence …

DNA damage in blood cells in relation to chemotherapy and nutritional status in colorectal cancer patients—A pilot study
AS Kværner, J Minaguchi, N El Yamani, C Henriksen… - DNA Repair, 2018
… They were then washed twice with water and left to dry. Comets were scored with Comet Assay IV software (Perceptive Instruments) and results expressed as % tail DNA. Highly damaged cells were not excluded from the analysis. 2.5. Statistical analysis. 2.5.1. Main analyses …

Genotoxicity of fine and coarse fraction ambient particulate matter in immortalised normal (TT1) and cancer-derived (A549) alveolar epithelial cells
IWH Jarvis, Z Enlo-Scott, E Nagy, IS Mudway… - Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis, 2018
… Nuclei were stained with ethidium bromide (2 µg/ml in water) and washed in deionized water. A total of 50 comets were scored using a Leica DMLB fluorescent microscope and Comet IV capture system (Perceptive Instruments, UK) …

Assessment of the Predictive Capacity of the Optimized in vitro Comet Assay Using HepG2Cells
Y Hong, HL Jeon, KY Ko, J Kim, JS Yi, I Ahn, TS Kim… - Mutation Research/Genetic …, 2018
… The cells were observed at 20 × magnification with a Leica DM 4000 B fluorescence microscope (Leica, Wetzler, Germany) and analyzed using Comet Assay IV digital imaging software (Perceptive Instruments, Suffolk, UK) …

Genotoxicity study of Ethiopian medicinal plant extracts on HepG2 cells
W Kahaliw, B Hellman, E Engidawork - BMC Complementary and Alternative …, 2018
… staining of the slides, detection was performed with an Olympus BX60 fluorescence microscope with an AVT FireWire camera (Stingray; Allied Technologies, Germany), a CoolLED pE-100 excitation light (536 nm) and the software Comet Assay IV (Perspective instruments, UK) …

Asymptomatic HIV-people present different profile of sCD14, sRAGE, DNA damage and vitamins, according to the use of cART and CD4+ T cells restoration.
KI Tasca, CR Correa, JT Caleffi, MB Mendes, M Gatto…, Journal of Immunology Research, 2018
… Using an immunofluorescence microscope connected to an image analysis system (comet assay IV, Perceptive Instruments, Sufolk, Haverhill, UK), a total of 50 randomly selected nucleoids were counted for each slide. Results were expressed as …

Light-based Methods for Whole Blood Bacterial Inactivation Enabled by a Recirculating Flow System
G Kim, M Karbaschi, M Cooke, A Gaitas - Photochemistry and Photobiology, 2018
… damage. All slides were then observed and fifty comets per gel selected and scored using a fluorescence microscope (Axioskop; Carl Zeiss, Jena Germany) and Comet Assay IV analysis software (version 4.2; Perceptive Instruments, Haverhill, Suffolk, UK). Analyses …

Lead exposure reduces sperm quality and DNA integrity in mice
C Li, K Zhao, H Zhang, L Liu, F Xiong, K Wang, B Chen - Environmental Toxicology, 2018
… Immediately, slides were stained with 50 µg/mL ethidium bromide and observed under a fluorescent microscope (IX71, Olympus, Japan) at 400× magnification. Fifty cells for each slide were analyzed by Comet Assay IV image analysis system (Perceptive Instruments, UK) …

High phosphorus intake and gut-related parameters–results of a randomized placebo-controlled human intervention study
U Trautvetter, A Camarinha-Silva, G Jahreis… - Nutrition Journal, 2018
… PBS as negative control and 75 µM H 2 O 2 as positive control were included for each assay, in order to ensure the performance of the comet assay. Microscopic evaluation was performed using the Comet Assay IV image analysis system (Perceptive Instruments, Suffolk, UK) …

Differences between co-cultures and monocultures in testing the toxicity of particulate matter derived from log wood and pellet combustion
S Kasurinen, MS Happo, TJ Rönkkö, J Orasche… - PLOS ONE, 2018
… aminomethane, pH 7.5) and dried with 100% ethanol. DNA was stained with ethidium bromide and comets were analysed with Comet assay IV software (Perceptive Instruments Ltd., UK). The amount of DNA in the tail was used …

Thymoquinone induces apoptosis in B16-F10 melanoma cell through inhibition of p-STAT3 and inhibits tumor growth in a murine intracerebral melanoma model 

MA Hatiboglu, A Kocyigit, EM Guler, K Akdur, A Nalli… - World Neurosurgery, 2018
… A computerized image analysis system (Comet Assay IV; Perceptive Instruments) was employed. The DNA percent in tail was used as the primary measure of DNA damage ...

Mixtures of tritiated water, zinc and dissolved organic carbon: Assessing interactive bioaccumulation and genotoxic effects in marine mussels, Mytilus galloprovincialis
UHBC Pearson, LJ Dallas, SDW Comber, CB Braungardt… - Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 2018
comet assay, briefly, slides were pre-coated with normal melting point agarose (NMPA … Microsystems, Milton Keynes, UK) and imaging system (Comet IV, Perceptive Imaging, Bury St Edmunds...

Comparison of stabilities of nitrenium ions and in vitro and in vivo genotoxic potential, between four aniline derivatives
H Suzuki, T Ninoseki, A Hayashi, Y Hase, T Matsui… - Fundamental Toxicological …, 2018
… (AHBT-RFL-1, ORYMPUS Corporation). The images were imported to a computer through a CCD camera attached to the microscope and analyzed using a Comet assay analyzer (Comet Assay IV system, Perceptive Instruments) …

Use of micronucleus and comet assay to evaluate evaluate the genotoxicity of oregano essential oil (Origanum vulgare l. Virens) in rats orally exposed for 90 days.
M Llana-Ruiz-Cabello, M Puerto, S Maisanaba… - Journal of Toxicology and …, 2018
… Images of at least 100 randomly selected nuclei per animal were analyzed with the image ana- lysis software Comet Assay IV (Perceptive Instruments, UK). The % DNA in tail represents DNA strand breaks and oxidized damage in DNA bases …

Assessment of genotoxicity and genomic instability in rat primary astrocytes exposed to 872 MHz radiofrequency radiation and chemicals
M Herrala, E Mustafa, J Naarala, J Juutilainen - International Journal of Radiation …, 2018
… fluorescence microscope (Axio Imager.A1, Carl Zeiss, Göttingen, Germany) using the Comet assay IV (Perceptive Instruments, Haverhill, UK) image analysis software.

Effects of combined treatment with ochratoxin A and citrinin on oxidative damage in kidneys and liver of rats
D Rašic, M Mladinic, D Želježic, A Pizent, S Stefanovic… - Toxicon, 2018
… Slides were rinsed in three changes of 1X Flare buffer (Trevigen) … A total of 100 comets per concentration tested were scored on each duplicate slide. Tail length and tail intensity were measured using the Comet Assay IV...

Asymptomatic HIV People Present Different Profiles of sCD14, sRAGE, DNA Damage, and Vitamins, according to the Use of cART and CD4
KI Tasca, CR Correa, JT Caleffi, MB Mendes, M Gatto… - Journal of Immunology …, 2018
… … The slides were stained by Sybr Gold (Invitrogen, USA). Using an immunofluorescence microscope connected to an image analysis system (comet assay IV, Perceptive Instruments, Suffolk, Haverhill, UK), a total of …

Adipose tissue stem cell-derived hepatic progenies as an in vitro model for genotoxicity testing
J Tomc, K Kološa, B Žegura, U Kamenšek, B Breznik… - Archives of Toxicology, 2018
… For DNA damage analysis, the gels on the slides were stained with GelRed Nucleic Acid Stain (1:3333), and the images observed using the fluorescence microscope (Eclipse 800, Nikon) and image analysis software Comet IV

Exploring genetic outcomes as frailty biomarkers
V Valdiglesias, M Sánchez-Flores, D Marcos-Pérez… - The Journals of Gerontology …, 2018
... Comet IV software (Perceptive Instruments) was used for image capture and analysis. For all donors and standards, 50 cells were scored from each replicate slide (ie 100 …

Epigenetic modifications preserve the hyperaccumulator Noccaea caerulescens from Ni geno-toxicity
M Gullì, L Marchi, R Fragni, A Buschini, G Visioli - Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis
… equipped with an excitation filter (BP 515–560 nm) and a barrier filter (LP 580 nm) and linked to a monochromatic camera (Pulnix PE-2020P, Pulnix, Alzenau, Germany) using an automatic image analysis system (Comet assay IV

Sensitivity Of Murine Melanoma Cells B16 To Plasma Needle Treatment
JHS Guerrero, KG Romero, R López-Callejas… - Clinical Plasma Medicine, 2018
… microscope. Comets were scored by means of the Comet Assay IV Analyzer (Perceptive Instruments Inc.). The results show that the exposure to plasma produced cytotoxicity and genotoxicity on B16 cells in a dose-dependent manner …

Cyanobacterial effects in Lake Ludoš, Serbia-Is preservation of a degraded aquatic ecosystem justified?
N Tokodi, D Drobac, J Meriluoto, J Lujic, Z Marinovic… - Science of The Total Environment, 2018
… After electrophoresis, slides were placed into freshly made neutralizing buffer for 15 min. Staining was performed with 20 µL per slide of EtBr (2 µg/mL). Microscopic images of comets were scored using Comet IV Computer Software (Perceptive Instruments, UK) …

In vitro safety assessment of the strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo L.) water leaf extract and arbutin in human peripheral blood lymphocytes
K. JuricaI. Brcic KaraconjiA. MikolicD. Milojkovic-OpsenicaV. BenkovicN. Kopjar. N, Cytotechnology, 2018
… The level of DNA damage in individual cells was assessed with Comet Assay IV software (Instem-Perceptive Instruments Ltd., Bury Saint Edmunds, UK) using an epifluorescence microscope (Olympus BX51, Tokyo, Japan) …

Investigation of belinostat-induced genomic instability by molecular cytogenetic analysis and pathway-focused gene expression profiling
SM Attia, MA Al-Hamamah, MR Alotaibi, GI Harisa… - Toxicology and Applied …, 2018
… 2014). At least two comet slides were prepared for each animal; approximately 100 well-stained cells were randomly selected from each coded slide and analyzed by the software Comet Assay IV (Perceptive Instruments, UK)

Chronic exposure to acephate triggers ROS-mediated injuries at organismal and sub-organismal levels of Drosophila melanogaster
P Rajak, S Khatun, M Dutta, M Mandi, S Roy - Toxicology Research, 2018
… Slides were washed and observed under fluorescence microscope at 400x magnification. Cells from duplicate sets of slides for control and each treatment group were scored randomly using the software 'Comet Assay IV' of Perceptive Instruments. 2.9 …

Toxicological assessment of silica-coated iron oxide nanoparticles in human astrocytes
KN Fernández-Bertólez, C Costa, F Brandão, G Kiliç… - Food and Chemical …, 2018
… In all cases 100 cells per slide were scored (50 from each replicate drop), using Comet IV Software (Perceptive Instruments) for image capture and analysis. The percentage of DNA in the comet tail (%tDNA) was used as …

Inhibition of the PI3K but not the MEK/ERK pathway sensitizes human glioma cells to alkylating drugs
B Haas, V Klinger, C Keksel, V Bonigut, D Kiefer… - Cancer Cell International, 2018
For analysis of comets, 50 cells were selected randomly by image analyzing (Comet Assay IV, Perceptive instruments) using a Zeiss Axioskop 2 (Carl Zeiss, Jena).

Role of pathology peer review in interpretation of the comet assay
RR MARONPOT, CA HOBBS, S HAYASHI - Journal of Toxicologic Pathology
… Blood was collected for clinical chemistry and liver and duodenum tissues were prepared for the comet assay and fixed for histopathology. Comet data were captured using an automated imaging system (Comet Assay IV

Effects of the chloro-s-triazine herbicide terbuthylazine on DNA integrity in human and mouse cells
D Želježic, S Žunec, M Bjeliš, V Benkovic, M Mladinic… - Environmental Science and …, 2018
… The level of DNA damage in individual cells was assessed with an image analysis system (Comet Assay IV™, Instem-Perceptive Instruments Ltd., UK) using an epifluorescence microscope (Leitz, Germany) equipped with appropriate filters, under ×250 magnification …

The effects of organophosphorus insecticides and heavy metals on DNA damage and programmed cell death in two plant models
J Cortés-Eslava, S Gómez-Arroyo, MC Risueño… - Environmental Pollution, 2018
… The computerized image analysis system, Comet Assay IV (Perceptive Instruments), was used to measure DNA damage based on the tail moment. All of the slides were coded before scoring to avoid bias. 2.4. Analysis of programmed cell death …

A Multi-laboratory evaluation of 1, 3-propane sultone, N-propyl-N-nitrosourea, and mitomycin C in the Pig-a mutation assay in vivo
YS Chung, B Pak, S Han, J Lee, J Kim, SM Back… - Mutation Research/Genetic …, 2018
… SYBR Gold, comet slides and low-melting agarose were purchased from TREVIGEN Co … A digital (CCD) camera linked to a fluorescence microscope (x400, Leica DMi8) was used to image the comets and analyzer software (Comet Assay IV™, Perceptive Instruments

Assessment of Ozone or Not-Treated Wastewater Ecotoxicity Using Mechanism-Based and Zebrafish Embryo Bioassays
A Wigh, S Aït-Aïssa, N Creusot, H Terrisse… - Journal of Environmental …, 2018
… After unwinding, electrophoresis, neutralization and dehydration, gels were examined through a fluorescence microscope (Axioskop 40, Zeiss Ltd.). Image analysis was performed with the Comet 4.0 software (Perceptive Instruments Ltd.) …

Novel miRNA biomarkers for genotoxicity screening in mouse
H Oka, K Masuno, T Uehara, T Okamoto, Y Matsuura… - Toxicology, 2018
… DNA was stained with SYBR Gold, observed under a fluorescence microscope, and analyzed with the Comet Assay IV (Perceptive Instruments Ltd., Suffolk, UK). Two replicate slides were prepared for each animal, and …

Ascorbic acid co-administered with rosuvastatin reduces reproductive impairment in the male offspring from male rats exposed to the statin at pre-puberty
GAA Leite, TM Figueiredo, MT Guerra… - Food and Chemical …, 2018
… A total of 100 randomly selected nucleoids per animal was analyzed under 400 × magnification with a fluorescence microscope connected to an image analysis system (Comet Assay IV, Perceptive Instruments; Suffolk, Haverhill, UK) …

Evaluation of the genotoxic properties of nickel oxide nanoparticles in vitro and in vivo
RF De Carli, DN Chaves, TR Cardozo, AP de Souza… - Mutation Research/Genetic …, 2018
… The stained nucleoids were immediately evaluated at 400X magnification under an Olympus (BX41) fluorescence microscope (excitation filter, 515–560 nm; barrier filter, 590 nm), equipped with an image analysis …

Caliphruria subedentata (Amaryllidaceae) decreases genotoxicity and cell death induced by ß-amyloid peptide in sh-sy5y cell line
WO Castillo, AF Aristizabal-Pachon, E Sakamoto-Hojo… - Mutation Research/Genetic …, 2018
… Image analysis was performed using a Nikon fluorescence microscope equipped with an image system (Comet Assay IV® Perceptive Instruments). Two slides were analyzed per dose, and 100 cells were scored for each dose …

Toxic Effects of Trazodone on Male Reproductive System via Disrupting Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular Axis and Inducing Testicular Oxidative Stress
Sinem Ilgin, Gözde Aydogan-Kiliç, Merve Baysal, Volkan Kiliç, Mina Ardiç, Seyda Uçarcan, and Özlem Atli, Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity 2018
… Slides were analyzed using Leica DM1000 fluorescence microscope (Leica Microsystems, Wetzlar, Germany) and Comet Assay IV Windows XP Pro software (Perceptive Instruments, Suffolk, United Kingdom). At least 100 cells were analyzed per sample [46-48, 58] …

Assessment of the ecotoxicity of urban estuarine sediment using benthic and pelagic copepod bioassays
MP Charry, V Keesing, M Costello, LA Tremblay - PeerJ, 2018
… microscope with a 200× magnification lens. Comet Assay VI Image analysis system, (Perspective Instruments, Wilshire, UK) (V4.3.2) was used to determine tail DNA%, tail length and tail moment in treated cells. Chemical analyses

Biological Impact of Silicon Nitride for Orthopaedic Applications: Role of Particle Size, Surface Composition and Donor Variation
S Lal, EA Caseley, RM Hall, JL Tipper - Scientific Reports, 2018
... SYBR Gold was used to stain DNA and comets were imaged using a high throughput tiled imaging system using an optical microscope (Zeiss, UK). Images were analysed using Comet IV software (Perceptive Instruments, UK) and the tail moment was measured for each comet. Data were expressed as mean comet-tail moment ±95% confidence intervals (n?=?4).

Interplay of ROS and behavioral pattern in fluoride exposed Drosophila melanogaster
S Khatun, M Mandi, P Rajak, S Roy - Chemosphere, 2018
… at 400x magnification. The round shaped cells from control and treated groups in duplicate sets were scored randomly using the software 'Comet Assay IV' of Perceptive Instruments. 2.11. Statistical analysis. One-way ANOVA …

Irinotecan and? 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Interactions in Rat Liver: A Preliminary Evaluation Using Biochemical and Genotoxicity Markers
AL Vrdoljak, N Fuchs, A Mikolic, S Žunec, IB Karaconji… - Molecules, 2018
The level of DNA damage in individual cells was estimated using Comet Assay IV™ software (Instem-Perceptive Instruments Ltd., Suffolk, Halstead, UK). One well-trained scorer performed all of the comet measurements on the coded/blinded slides. Random fields were selected and the comets were captured at a constant depth of the gel, avoiding edges and occasional dead cells. A total of 200 comets per rat were measured on replicate slides in two independent evaluations (altogether 1000 individual comet measurements per each experimental group were performed). Tail length (presented in micrometres) and tail intensity (i.e., DNA% in tail) were chosen as indicators of DNA damage

Genotoxicity evaluation of the naturally-derived food colorant, gardenia blue, and its precursor, genipin
CA Hobbs, M Koyanagi, C Swartz, J Davis, R Maronpot… - Food and Chemical …, 2018
… Carlsbad, CA), 100 or 150 cells were scored per sample for genipin and gardenia blue studies, respectively, at 200x total magnification without scorer knowledge of sample identity using Comet Assay IV Imaging Software, Version …

hMTH1 is required for maintaining migration and invasion potential of human thyroid cancer cells
KD Arczewska, A Stachurska, M Wojewódzka… - DNA Repair, 2018
… Images of 100 randomly selected comets per slide were captured at 200x magnification using a fluorescent microscope (Labophot-2, Nikon). Image analysis of data was performed by the Comet Assay IV software (Perceptive Instruments Ltd., UK) …

The Genetic Variability (RAPD) and Genotoxicity In Vivo (Alkaline and Fpg-Modified Comet Assay) in Chub (Squalius cephalus): The Sava River Case Study
S Kolarevic, K Sunjog, M Kracun-Kolarevic… - International Journal of Environmental Research, 2018 …
…. Microscopic images of the comets were scored using Comet IV Computer Software (Perceptive Instruments, UK) and tail intensity (TI %—percentage of DNA in the tail of the comet) was chosen as a measure of DNA damage …

Intrinsic toxicity of stable nanosized titanium dioxide using polyacrylate in human keratinocytes
AP Koedrith, YJ Kim, Y Kim, JH Kang, YR Seo - Molecular & Cellular Toxicology, 2018
… For quantitative scoring, one hundred cells per slide were analyzed in terms of tail Dna intensity using Comet iV software (Perceptive instruments, UK) after visualization under fluorescent microscope (nikon, Ja- pan) with 200× magnification. Statistical analysis …

A test battery for assessing the ecotoxic effects of textile dyes
GAR de Oliveira, DM Leme, J de Lapuente, LB Brito… - Chemico-Biological …, 2018
…The DNA damage was quantified as tail intensity using the computer-based image analysis method (Comet Assay IV; Perceptive Instruments Ltd, UK) on 50 randomly selected cells from duplicate slides. 2.4. Statistical analysis …

Effects of specific light wavelengths on osmotic stress in the ornamental cleaner shrimp Lysmata amboinensis (De Man, 1888)(Decapoda: Caridea: Lysmatidae)
JY Choi, JR Choe, J Koh, CY Choi - Journal of Crustacean Biology, 2018
… using Comet Assay IV image analysis software (version 4.3.2; Perceptive Instruments, Bury St Edmunds, UK). Statistical analysis All data were analyzed using the SPSS statistical package (version 19.0; SPSS, Chicago, IL, USA) …

Acute fish oil supplementation modulates the inflammatory response after strenuous exercise in obese men: a cross-over study
A Peres, GP Dorneles, MCR Boeira, LL Schipper… - … , Leukotrienes and Essential …, 2018
… Finally, the DNA was stained with SYBER® Gold (Invitrogen, EUA) The slides were coded for blind analysis. A total of 100 cells per subject (50 cells per minigel) were analyzed using the Comet Assay IV semi-automated …

Gallic acid, a common dietary phenolic protects against high fat diet induced DNA damage
T Setayesh, A Nersesyan, M Mišík, R Noorizadeh… - European Journal of …, 2018
…… DNA damage was monitored in the comet experiments with a Comet Assay image analysis system (Comet Assay IV, Perceptive Instruments, UK). The % tail intensities (%DNA in tail) per animal were determined as suggested by Bright et al …

In vitro transformation of human bronchial epithelial cells by diesel exhaust particles: gene expression profiling and early toxic responses
I Rynning, J Neca, K Vrbova, H Libalova, P Rossner… - Toxicological Sciences, 2018
... Approximately 30 comets per gel were randomly counted (Comet Assay IV, Perceptive Instruments, Suffolk, United Kingdom) and DNA-damage was quantified as tail intensity (% tail DNA). Page 13. 13 …

IThe effects of 1st and 2nd generation biodiesel exhaust exposure on hematological and biochemical blood indices of Fisher344 male rats–the FuelHealth project
K Dziendzikowska, M Gajewska, J Wilczak, R Mruk… - Environmental Toxicology …, 2018
… Image analysis of data was performed by the Comet Assay IV Image Analysis System (Perceptive Instruments, UK). One hundred randomly selected comets per slide were analysed. Percent of DNA in comet's tail was chosen as a measure of DNA damage …