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Comet assay news

DNA damage & formaldehyde exposure

Formaldehyde is a commonly used chemical in anatomy and pathology laboratories as a tissue preservative and fixative.  Researchers from Portugal and Spain have been investigating occupational exposure to formaldehyde using the comet assay.

Comet Assay IV & JaCVAM study

The JaCVAM comet assay validation exercise was completed in 2014, resulting in the publication of the comet assay OECD Guideline. Publications have been released that document the use of Comet Assay IV as part of the successful validation process.

Medium-throughput comet assay

Researchers have presented a methods paper describing “a medium-throughput comet assay to evaluate the global DNA methylation status of single cells”.  The versatility of the comet assay allows introduction of various modifications to the basic technique.

DNA damage in pregnant women

Researchers from São Paulo Brazil decided to investigate oxidative DNA damage in pregnant women.  The women in the study were either ‘normal’, suffering with diabetes or had mild gestational hyperglycemia.

11th International Comet Assay Workshop

Online registration for the 11th International Comet Assay Workshop is now open. The meeting will take place in Antwerp, Belgium; September 1-4th 2015. More information can be found on the meeting website