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Comet assay in 3D human skin models

 Researchers from across Europe and the USA have been working in collaboration to investigate inter- and intra-laboratory variation when performing the comet assay on reconstructed 3D human epidermal skin models.

Continuing our education in the comet assay

 Earlier this month, the European Environmental Mutagen Society (EEMS) held its annual meeting in Lancaster, UK.  This year, the meeting was hosted by UKEMS (United Kingdom Environmental Mutagen Society)

Is organic farming safer?

Researchers from Portugal, Spain, Italy and the USA have worked in collaboration to compare the health of organic farmers with those using traditional farming methods (which typically involve pesticide use). 

Continuing education session dedicated to the comet assay

Next month, at the European Environmental Mutagen Society annual meeting (hosted by the United Kingdom Environmental Society in Lancaster, UK) there will be a Continuing Education Session dedicated to the comet assay. We look forward to seeing you there!

An opinion on an intelligible comet assay descriptor

Recently, leading comet assay scientists have published an opinion article on the best way to interpret, report and compare comet assay data. The article is part of the Research Topic: 30 years of the Comet Assay: an overview with some new insights.