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Can cocoa reduce DNA damage?

 Scientists believe that nutrient excess and unbalanced diets can result in overproduction of reactive oxygen species, which are associated with oxidative stress.  Researchers have investigated this problem.

Comet assay in plants

The popularity of the comet assay in plants has been steadily increasing and, naturally, the production of a standardised protocol would be of benefit to research and industry. Researchers in France have been investigating this situation.

Musty tastes in water - are the culprit compounds genotoxic?

Researchers in Brazil have been investigating compounds which can cause undesirable effects in water. In this investigation, the scientists assessed the cytotoxic and genotoxic potentials of compounds using the MTT assay, the in vitro comet and CBMN-Cyt assays.

An Environmental Investigation in Lagos Lagoon

Researchers from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and King’s College London, UK, have collaborated to investigate the sediment quality of Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria.  The comet assay was used to investigate genotoxic responses of rainbow trout gill-W1 fish cells.

Mutagenesis Special Issue: The Comet Assay

 On January 1st 2015, the “Special Issue: The Comet Assay” of Mutagenesis was published. This edition was guest edited by comet assay expert Andrew Collins and features contributions from comet assay scientists from around the world.