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The genotoxic effect of tryptophol

Recent data suggest cytotoxic, cytostatic and genotoxic effects in lymphocytes and the induction of apoptosis in leukaemic blood monocytes.

The comet assay and the earthworm

The 1st study to investigate DNA damage with reproduction in earthworms exposed to ionising radiation performed by associates at The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority and The Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Occupational and environmental health

The importance of the comet assay within occupational & environmental health was discussed at the ICOEH which also hosted the NANOlinen meeting “Biomarkers & Human Exposure to Nanoparticles.”

Nanoparticle research propelled by the comet assay

Here, an investigation into the genotoxicity of titanium dioxide nanoparticles (TDNPs) to humans is described.  Occupational exposure to TDNPs can occur during manufacturing or use of these particles as pigments for paints, varnishes, enamels, lacquers and paper coatings. 

9th International Comet Assay Workshop

The 9th ICAW took place in Kusadasi, Turkey in September 2011. The workshop is a scientist-organised, independent and successful scientific conference on the comet assay which has been established for 16 years....