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Celebrating 30 years of comet assay research

The first paper on the single-cell gel electrophoresis assay was published in 1984 by O. Ostling and K.J. Johanson (Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. Vol.123: 291-298). Next August will mark the 30th anniversary of the comet assay.

High-throughput comet assay

Researchers in Norway have been taking steps to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of the comet assay.  The benefits from this method improvement could potentially be used in both academic and contract laboratories.

How to deal with your hedgehog comets

When performing the comet assay, comets which appear to have no head and a large bright tail may arise.  These atypical comets are referred to as ‘hedgehogs’ or ‘clouds’ or ‘ghosts’.

10th International Comet Assay Workshop

The 10th International Comet Assay Workshop (ICAW) took place in Porto, Portugal, September 2013.  Delegates were treated to three days of oral presentations, posters, exhibitors and poster mini-talks with one common theme: the comet assay.

Endocrine disrupting chemicals study

Screening EDCs for genotoxicity can provide valuable information in the evaluation of their possible carcinogenic potential. The first stage of carcinogenesis is normally rapid and irreversible and is believed to involve a change in the genetic material of the cell.