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Comet assay research into skin cancer

The Cornwall Dermatology Research group of the Peninsula Medical School conducts studies into the causes, prevention and treatment of skin cancer using Perceptive Instruments' Comet Assay IV system.

Chemical exposure in pathology labs

Perceptive Instruments Comet Assay IV system used for assessing the genotoxic potential of exposure to chemicals in laboratory environments. Research from the Centre of Occupational and Environmental Health (CSAO), Portugal.

Measuring the effects of antioxidants

Perceptive Instruments comet assay systems used for research into exercise-induced DNA damage and the effect of antioxidant vitamins. Research from the Linus Pauling Institute in Oregon, United States.

Research into acute myeloid leukaemia

The Nottingham City Hospital and the University of Nottingham's Department of Academic Haematology are using the comet assay for research into acute myeloid leukaemia.