Papers from 2011

A protocol for the evaluation of genotoxicity in bile of carp (Cyprinus carpio) exposed to lake water treated with different disinfectants
(2011) M. Villarini et al, Chemosphere 84(10):1521-1526

Acellular comet assay: a tool for assessing variables influencing the alkaline comet assay
(2011) E Kennedy et al, Radiat Prot Dosimetry (E-pub ahead of print)

Acrylamide genotoxicity in young versus adult gpt delta male rats
(2011) N. Koyama et al, Mutagenesis 26(4):545-549

Aldh2 Knockout Mice were More Sensitive to DNA Damage in Leukocyte due to Ethyl Tertiary Butyl Ether Exposure
(2011) Z. Weng et al, Industrial Health 49(3):396-399

Assessment of cytogenetic damage and oxidative stress in personnel occupationally exposed to the pulsed microwave radiation of marine radar equipment
(2011) V. Garaj-Vrhovac et al, International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health 214(1):59-65

Assessment of genotoxic effects and changes in gene expression in humans exposed to formaldehyde by inhalation under controlled conditions
(2011) J. Zeller et al, Mutagenesis 26 (4):555-561

Assessment of genotoxic potency of sulfate-rich surface waters on medicinal leech and human leukocytes using different versions of the Comet assay
(2011) Z Mihaljevic et al, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 74(5):1416-1426

Assessment of primary, oxidative and excision repaired DNA damage in hospital personnel handling antineoplastic drugs
(2011) M. Villarini et al, Mutagenesis 26(3):359-369

Assessment of Tryptophol Genotoxicity in Four Cell Lines In Vitro: A Pilot Study with Alkaline Comet Assay.
(2011) I Kosalec et al, Arh Hig Rada Toksikol. 62(1):41-49

Biomonitoring of a population of Portuguese workers exposed to lead
(2011) A.García-Lestón et al, Mut. Res. 721(1):81-88

Cellular and Chemical Assays for Discovery of Novel Antioxidants in Marine Organisms
(2011) T. Hofer et al, Oxidative Stress in Applied Basic Research and Clinical Practice, Part 6: 637-657

Comparative analysis of micronuclei and DNA damage induced by Ochratoxin A in two mammalian cell lines
(2011) R. Ali et al, Mutation Research 723(1):58-64

Cytogenotoxicity of sewage sludge leachate before and after calcium oxide-based solidification in human lymphocytes
(2011) G Gajski et al, Ecotox. & Enrivon. Safety 74(5): 1408-1415

DNA damage and nitric oxide production in mice following infection with L. chagasi
(2011) L.R.C. Oliveira et al, Mutation Research 723(2): 177-181

DNA damage in caged Gammarus fossarum amphipods: A tool for freshwater genotoxicity assessment
(2011) E. Lacaze et al, Environ Pollut. 159(6):1682-1961

DNA-protective effects of quercetin or naringenin in alloxan-induced diabetic mice
(2011) N. Oršolić et al, European Journal of Pharmacology 656(1-3):110-118

Dual inhibition of the homologous recombinational repair and the nonhomologous end-joining repair pathways in chronic lymphocytic leukemia therapy
(2011) L. Amrein et al, Leukemia Research 35(8):1080-1086

Effects of the Protein Kinase Inhibitor PKC412 on Gene Expression and Link to Physiological Effects in Zebrafish Danio rerio Eleuthero-Embryos
(2011) D. Oggier et al, Toxicol. Sci. 119 (1):104-115

Evaluation of a multi-endpoint assay in rats, combining the bone-marrow micronucleus test, the Comet assay and the flow-cytometric peripheral blood micronucleus test
(2011) D. Bowen et al, Mut. Res. 722(1):7-19

Evolutionary Conservation of the Functional Modularity of Primate and Murine LINE-1 Elements
(2011) B.J. Wagstaff et al, PLoS ONE 6(5): e19672

Genotoxic effects of the cyanobacterial hepatotoxin cylindrospermopsin in the HepG2 cell line
(2011) A. Straser et al, Archives of Toxicology, Genotoxicity and Carcinogenicity (E-pub ahead of print)

Genotoxicity of corrosion eluates obtained from orthodontic brackets in vitro
(2011) F. Angelieri et al, American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics 139(4):504-509

Genotoxicity of the copper antineoplastic coordination complexes casiopeinas®
(2011) J. Serment-Guerrero et al, Toxicology in Vitro 25(7):1376-1384

Genotoxicity, cytotoxicity and gene expression in patients undergoing elective surgery under isoflurane anaesthesia
(2011) M. Braz et al, Mutagenesis 26(3):415-420

Grape juice concentrate prevents oxidative DNA damage in peripheral blood cells of rats subjected to a high-cholesterol diet
(2011) O. Aguiar et al, British Journal of Nutrition 105(1): 694-702

Ikarugamycin induces DNA damage, intracellular calcium increase, p38 MAP kinase activation and apoptosis in HL-60 human promyelocytic leukemia cells
(2011) R. Popescu et al, Mutation Research 709-710:60-61

Impact of ozonation on the genotoxic activity of tertiary treated municipal wastewater
(2011) M. Misik et al, Water Research 45(12):3681-3691

In vitro immunotoxic and genotoxic activities of particles emitted from two different small-scale wood combustion appliances
(2011) M. Tapanainen et al, Atmospheric Environment (E-pub ahead of print)

In vivo bioassay to detect irinotecan-stabilized DNA/topoisomerase I complexes in rats
(2011) M. Esselen et al, Publishing and the Ecology of European Research Biotechnology Journal 5(3):321-327

Induction of oxidative DNA damage by the marine toxin okadaic acid depends on human cell type
(2011) V. Valdiglesias et al, Toxicon 57(6):882-888

Is individual nasal sensitivity related to cellular metabolism of formaldehyde and susceptibility towards formaldehyde-induced genotoxicity?
(2011) J. Zeller et al, Mutation Research 723(1):11-17

Life stage-related differences in susceptibility to acrylamide-induced neural and testicular toxicity
(2011) M. Takahashi et al, Archives of Toxicology, Organ Toxicity and Mechanisms 85(9):1109-1120

Linking genotoxic responses in Gammarus fossarum germ cells with reproduction impairment, using the Comet assay
(2011) E. Lacaze et al, Environmental Research 111(5):626-634

Measuring DNA repair incision activity of mouse tissue extracts towards singlet oxygen-induced DNA damage: a comet-based in vitro repair assay
(2011) S. Langie et al, Mutagenesis 26(3):461-471

Methyleugenol Genotoxicity in the Fischer 344 rat using the Comet Assay and Pathway-focused Gene Expression Profiling
(2011) W. Ding et al, Toxicological Sciences 123(1):103-112

MGMT Is a Molecular Determinant for Potency of the DNA-EGFR–Combi-Molecule ZRS1
(2011) Y. Huang et al, Molecular Cancer Research 9(3):320-331

Modulation of genotoxicity and DNA repair by plant monoterpenes camphor, eucalyptol and thujone in Escherichia coli and mammalian cells
(2011) B. Nikolic et al, Food and Chemical Toxicology 49(9):2035-2045

Nuclear Tau, a Key Player in Neuronal DNA Protection
(2011) A. Sultan et al, Journal of Biological Chemistry 286(1):4566-4575

O6-methylguanine DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) is a molecular determinant for potency of the DNA-epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) targeting combi-molecule ZRS1
(2011) Y. Huang et al, Molecular Cancer Research 9(3):320-331

Oxidative DNA damage is a preliminary step during rat tongue carcinogenesis induced by 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide
(2011) S. Miranda et al, J. Molecular Histology 42(2):181-186

Oxidative stress and DNA damage responses in rat and mouse lung to inhaled carbon nanoparticles
(2011) A. Wessels et al, Nanotoxicology 5(1): 66-78

Pre-Exposure to 50 Hz Magnetic Fields Modifies Menadione-Induced Genotoxic Effects in Human SH-SY5Y Neuroblastoma Cells
(2011) J. Luukkonen et al, PLoS ONE 6(3): e18021

Reduced cytochrome P4501A activity and recovery from oxidative stress during subchronic benzo[a]pyrene and benzo[e]pyrene treatment of rainbow trout
(2011) L. R. Curtis et al, Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 254(1):1-7

Salubrious effects of dexrazoxane against teniposide-induced DNA damage and programmed cell death in murine marrow cells
(2011) S.A. Bakheet et al, Mutagenesis 26(4):533-543

Single Cell Gel Electrophoretic Analysis of 2-Aminoanthracene Exposed F-344 Rats
(2011) W. Gato & J.Means, American Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 1(3):275-283

Study of gene-specific DNA repair in the comet assay with padlock probes and rolling circle amplification
(2011) S. Henriksson et al, Toxicology Letters 202(2): 142-147

The influence of scoring method on variability in results obtained with the comet assay
(2011) A. Azqueta et al, Mutagenesis 26(3):393-399

The influence of sterilization with EnbioJet® Microwave Flow Pasteurizer on composition and bioactivity of aronia and blue-berried honeysuckle juices
(2011) A. Piasek et al, Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 24(6):880-888

Towards a more reliable comet assay: Optimising agarose concentration, unwinding time and electrophoresis conditions
(2011) A. Azqueta et al, Mut Res. 724(1-2):41-45

Transcriptional responses in neonate and adult Daphnia magna in relation to relative susceptibility to genotoxicants
(2011) R.M. David et al, Aquatic Toxicology 104(3-4):192-204

Uranium bioaccumulation and biological disorders induced in zebrafish (Danio rerio) after a depleted uranium waterborne exposure
(2011) S. Barillet et al, Environmental Pollution 159(2):495-502


Perfect and very clear installation and training!

Researcher, Contract Testing Laboratory, Europe

It's an amazing program! Really useful!

Research Scientist, University, Brazil

I don't have any questions about the software as it has worked quite well for far we are very happy with the software.

Research Scientist, University, Australia

I'm really a fan of your system :)

Genetic Toxicologist, Global Pharmaceutical Company

We are using the Comet Assay IV a lot (and our use is increasing). It's working very well.

Professor, Children's Research Hospital, USA

Total change in our lab since you came (with Comet Assay IV of course...)! thanks... :-)

Postgraduate Researcher, University, France

It is, indeed, much quicker than the old image analysis system that we had. We are very pleased with it.

Senior Researcher, Public Health Agency, Finland

The current Comet Assay IV system works without any trouble…we are pleased with the system.

Scientist, Chemical Company, Japan

...and the system is running great.

Medical Researcher, Cancer Research Institute, USA

So it's working out fine and we're very happy!

Toxicologist, Health Agency, Canada

The Comet Assay IV system we already installed and is working perfectly.

Scientist, Environmental Institute, Norway

Perfect and very clear installation and training.

Study Director, Contract Research Organisation, Europe

Yes, it is very useful and we are in the process of writing a paper also from the data derived from Comet Assay IV.

Assistant Professor, University, USA

We are impressed indeed! It has saved us quite a lot of time and pains.

Director, Toxicology Research Centre, Spain

The system was set up last month, and so far it works very well. Both my boss and I are very satisfied with it and like it very much.

Researcher, University Hospital, Germany

...we are "happy users" of the software

Senior Researcher, Risk Assessment Institute, Germany

Just to let you know we have started the validation study for Comet Assay IV and it has been going very well! We ran a comet assay last week and scored the slides with no problems at all. I am very pleased with the system and it will certainly make a difference when we run some comet studies this year!

Study Director, Food & Household Products Company, UK

Excellent, the training was very helpful and specific to in-house technicalities.

Lecturer, University, UK

All is going well and the more I use the software the more I love the way it's so simple and intuitive...the comet software is running well and in increasing use.

Scientist, University, UK

It is actually working great.

Professor, University, USA

Excellent, perfectly straightforward.

Scientist, University, UK

Comet Assay IV software is in use. Currently our comet analysis is based on tail moment measurement and I must say that everything works properly.

Researcher, Cancer Research Institute, Slovakia

We have just recently utilized the system and are extremely pleased.

Assistant Professor, University, USA

We are very happy with everything, it is easy to work with your software.

Senior Scientist, National Health Institute, Portugal

We are really very happy with the comet analysis system.

Research Scientist, University, Austria

We are very satisfied with your software.

Scientist, Cancer Research Institute, Slovakia

...have been using it now for a couple of weeks and it seems to be working great. Very user friendly - I love it as does my intern!

Staff Chemist, Marine Laboratory, USA

I love the software. Keep up the good work over there.

Study Director, Contract Research Organisation, USA

We have found the Comet Assay IV software very useful and convenient.

Research Scientist, Food Safety Agency, France

So far, I'm very happy with the system.

Research Lecturer, University, UK

The installation was quick and all the details were described and easily understandable for the technicians.

Head of Department, Global Chemical Company, Germany

Everything has gone very well with the system and we are very pleased with it.

Scientist, University, UK

Everything has gone very well with the system and we are very pleased with it.

Professor, University, UK

Thanks for your attention and great service. I am so glad that we have Comet IV.

Study Director, Contract Research Organisation, USA

...Everything is fine with the Comet Assay IV system...and I'm pretty happy about this new software with just clicking on the cells instead of drawing a frame around them

Researcher, Cancer Research Organisation, UK

We're now using the software and it works great. It has cut our time for comets by at least half.

Post Doctoral Fellow, National Institute of Health, USA

I have been using the Comet Assay IV Software. It is great! During my software validation, I realized how much easier and precise it is compared to our old software. It makes analyzing the comet slides more enjoyable

Scientist, Medical Research Centre, USA

The system is working great.

Senior Research Scientist, Cancer Research Institute, UK

We have had no problems so far, and we are very pleased with the system.

Senior Researcher, Public Health Agency, Finland

The system is up and running. Everybody is impressed with the speed of scoring slides.

Researcher, University, South Africa

We have installed the software and are using it without any problem. It's really simple! My PhD students are very happy with it.

Professor, University, Spain